Privacy Policy


  • Privacy Policy:

    At Exino We are extremely strict with our rules of privacy. Our customers entrust us with their confidential data and we are responsible for its 100% security.

    On visiting the site we collect information that is necessary to process your purchase. With this, if you need our customer support we might need your additional information.

    Why we need your Personal Information?

    One of the important reasons is to process your payment information, arrange flawless delivery, manage and keep a record of invoices, effective communication, seamless return refund process, and to advertise our product to targeted customers.

    Behavioral Advertising for marketing:

    Personal Information is also used for behavioral advertising to target the audience which is more likely to purchase our products. Your information, your action performed on our site, your behavior with our ads, all of the data is in record with us. We collect it to analyze our performance and refine our audience to offer them the best services. This data helps us to understand the audience and its preferences.

    What are Cookies?

    These are the collectors of small information on every browser and it is automatically downloaded to your computer or device when you visit any specific website. There are many kinds of cookies to store the data such as functional, performance, advertising, and social media. It keeps a record of your logins and helps you through your next visit. It assists you in making your browsing experience better. Cookies trace your actions and also help the services provider know if the customer is new or repeated on their site.