Jewelry Care

Jewelry always needs room for care and if you want to feel your chic customized pieces in all walks of life, take care of it!

After concerning our customized jewelry specialists, we have come up with some amazing tips for keeping your well-crafted personalized gems impressive.

Expected Care For All Jewelry

It is important to keep your jewelry away from water and some products like soap, scrubs, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals that can hurt your Exino jewelry. So first; always make sure yourself that you leave it off when you are going for a shower, swimming, or doing makeup & styling hair.

925 Sterling Silver

Get your customized piece wet by accident? Be sure to softly wipe and dry them off right away! Simply take a soft piece of cloth (like microfiber glasses cleaning cloth) and rub it smoothly. Moreover, you can give it a try of silver polish for additional vivacity and remove any dirt or tarnishing.

Do you know? The skin oils actually prevent the jewelry from tarnishing! But when you do take them off (to shower/sleep), it's the best thing to store each piece individually and properly in an airtight plastic bag/ Ziploc bag to keep out moistness.

Treat your jewelry with love & care, and it'll keep the shine for you for a long time!